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08 October 2009 @ 09:57 pm
New Found Love Chapter 6  
Title: New found Love
Beta-ed: by me
Pairings: Lucius/Harry, James/Draco, Lucius/James, Harry/Draco
Rated: R

New Summary:The most complicated square you will ever find. Draco loves Harry but can't tell him because he is supposed to be marrying Pansy so what does he do? Go to James. Harry loves Draco but knows it can never be because the blond is in love with Pansy. So what does he do? Go to Lucius of course. Lucius and James have been keeping s secret since before the Dark Lord was defeated. When the truth literally drops into their laps can there ever be a resemblance to normal again

Warnings: Malexmale sex. Don’t like leave…

Chapter 6: Settling Part 2

Harry stood at the door for a moment listening to the other teen cry before turning to leave and running into something solid and warm, which wrapped its arms around him immediately.

“Is everything okay Harry?” Lucius asked. “I heard you and Draco yelling… even from my room on the other side of the manor.”

“Yea… yeah, everything is fine.” Harry mumbled as he tried to push away from Lucius, while attempting to hide his face and hold back the tears that threatened to spill at the same time.

Refusing to budge and even pulling Harry closer Lucius spoke, “No you aren’t Harry. Something’s wrong… come on. Come to my room. We can talk about it.”

Harry took a deep breath before looking up at the older man and responding. “I really don’t want to talk. I would rather start where we left off in the living room.”

Before Lucius could even think that he needed to respond, let alone how to respond, his arms were full of one Harry James Potter, who was trying to slip his tongue into Lucius’ mouth. With out even considering what could go wrong, Lucius immediately apparated them both to his bedroom.

Lucius knew he shouldn’t be doing this. He shouldn’t be taking advantage of Harry just because he couldn’t have James like he wanted, but he kept telling himself that it was what Harry wanted so it wasn’t like he was forcing the boy or anything. Lucius also knew there weren’t any feelings behind what they were doing. Harry was clearly upset about whatever he and Draco had been arguing about, and all the blonde wanted was to finally have the one thing he had wanted since before leaving Hogwarts, even if the teen wasn’t James, he was the closest he was probably ever going to get to him.

Lucius set Harry down on his feet before pulling the boy’s shirt over his head, and then took his own off. Harry instantly started sucking and licking Lucius’ neck gently, he knew there would be marks when they were done but he could always cover them with a glamour spell so he let Harry do what he wanted for now. Harry made a trail down his neck, shoulder, and chest until he latched onto one of his nipples and sucked and licked it until it was hard before moving to the other one, while he unbuckled Lucius’ belt and pulled it off. Harry knelt before the older man and unbuttoned and unzipped his dress pants before letting them slide to the floor.

Lucius watched as Harry hooked his fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down, moaning as his hard cock was freed from the tight material. He moaned again as he watched Harry run his tongue lightly over the underside of his cock and over the tip, before seeming to devouring his length, which brought a cry from Lucius’ mouth which he tried to muffle before tangling his hand in Harry’s unruly hair. Lucius tipped his head back and stared at the ceiling as he relished the feel of his cock sliding in and out of the warmth of Harry’s mouth. He could feel the tightening in his lower belly and gently pulled Harry away, who whined at the loss of Lucius’ cock in his mouth.

“You don’t want me to come to soon do you,” Lucius smirked. The older man noticed, as Harry trailed kisses back up his stomach and began peeling is own jeans off that the teen still hadn’t looked at him. He’d kept his eyes closed most of the time and he thought he knew why.

“It’s Draco you want, not me isn’t it Harry?” the only response he got was a nod and Harry rubbing their naked erections together before pressing his lips to Lucius’ again. Pushing him away gently Lucius spoke again, “Are you sure you want to do this then?”

“Yes, I’m sure, now shut up,” Harry said before he pushed Lucius back and they tumble onto his king sized been and kissed Lucius again.

Harry pulled away from the man only long enough to mutter a spell before attaching his mouth to Lucius’ neck again. He moaned into the blonde’s neck as he felt the spell stretching and preparing him for the older man. Lucius gasped, making Harry grin, Harry knew that the man must have realized the spell covered his cock in lube.

“I’ll have to remember that spell,” Lucius moaned out as Harry slowly pushed down onto his throbbing erection.

Harry sat with Lucius’ cock filling him, getting use to the sensation again. It had been months since he had slept with another man, ever since he had realized he had falling in love with his best friend. Every time he had slept with someone, after he realized what his feelings were, he had feel like he was betraying his heart. This was no different he could feel the tears welling up in his eyes and quickly blinked them back. There was no reason to cry now. He knew he would never have his best friend the way he wanted. He’d accepted that at Christmas when Draco had informed him that he would be marrying Pansy in August and Draco wanted him to be his best man. With that date less then two months away, he finally knew that he needed to move on, if only to be able to participate in his best friends wedding, and if sleeping with Lucius helped him do that then so be it.

Harry experimented by rolling his hips and was rewards with a moan from Lucius. Slowly he began sliding up and down on Lucius’ shaft. Soon Harry was bouncing up and down on him as fast and hard as he could. Knowing he was close, Lucius wrapped his hand around Harry’s cock and kept with the pace of Harry’s own thrusts.

With a scream of “Oh God” both males came, only to have the moment coming crashing down on them in a few seconds when James came barreling through the door.