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02 April 2008 @ 07:16 pm
After the War #3  

Name: After the War (3/8)
Author: duh! me, AnimeMandi22
Disclaimer: I don't own the names just the plot!
Summary: (suck at these) It's after the war (hence the title) and voldemort is dead. Draco saves Harry's life and almost gets killed in the process. their relationship evolves from there. 
A/N: please excuse any spelling or Grammar. i suck at that


Chapter 3

Cheesecake, Playing Cards, and Back to the Infirmary


Harry leaned up against the door and slide to the floor.  ‘That was close.’

‘Close for what? Aren’t they in your house? Why would you need to hid from them? Do you really not want to be seen with me?’ Draco continued, getting more and more upset with every second. ‘Even after I saved your life you still don’t want anything to do with me? What do I have to do to prove that I’m on your side? That I’m not going to hurt you? That I’m sorry for the way I have been treating you? That I lo…’ He stopped then not wanting to continue, tears streamed down his cheeks. Harry quickly stood up.

‘I’m sorry. That’s not… I wasn’t trying to…’ Harry didn’t know what to say to make him feel better. He didn’t know why he had pulled Draco into the room. ‘In the instant that I heard someone coming all I could think was that I wanted to be alone with you. That’s all. I don’t know why I did it. I’m sorry.’ Harry looked around the room for the first time. ‘Malfoy do you like cheesecake?’

‘Yes but what does that…’

‘Because I don’t but the room apparently thought we wanted it.’

‘Huh?’ Draco turned around. There in the center of the room sat a low coffee table with a large cheesecake, 2 plates and 2 forks. Draco giggled. ‘Mom use to give me cheese cake if I cried when I was a kid. It always cheered me up.’

‘Well it could have given us something else too because I hate the stuff.’

‘But you’re not the one that’s upset.’ Malfoy teased.

They sat down and Malfoy cut a piece of the cake. Placing it on his plate he reached for the fork. Before he could Harry grabbed it, cut a piece of cake and held it out to him.

‘I’ll feed the poor, sad, little baby.’ Harry said half expecting a good whack upside his head. Surprisingly, Malfoy took the cake and fork in his mouth without a single compliant. Harry sat watching him chew up and swallow the food. Malfoy smiled and opened him mouth for more. Harry blushed, dropped the fork on the plate and said, ‘You can feed yourself.’

‘But, I don’t want to. I want you to feed me. Besides my ribs are still bruised so I shouldn’t be lifting anything. It was your fault so you should be the one to feed me.’

‘What?! I didn’t ask you to save me. And besides if you are still injured you should be in the infirmary.’ Harry snapped turning back to face Draco. Draco sat across the table with the fork in his mouth smiling.

‘I was just kidding. I can feed myself.’ Malfoy assured Harry. They sat in silence.

‘I wonder if the room knew how I would react to Ginny and Collin? Maybe that’s why it fixed itself.’

‘You should go. Your friends are probably looking for you by now.’

‘You’re right. Let’s…’

‘No, you should go first. I’ll wait a few moments then go. That way no one will know we were in here together.’

Harry noticed something in Malfoy’s voice. He’d never heard it there. It was like sorrow, sadness… no it was loneliness. Harry realized that Malfoy was lonely. ‘I can stay a little longer. Let’s play a game. Maybe we can get the room to give us some kind of game or something.’ Draco looked at Harry and turned red. ‘Are you okay? You aren’t feeling sick again are you?’ Draco dropped his head. Before Malfoy could answer a pack of playing cards showed up on the table and the cheesecake disappeared. ‘Huh. That’s weird? I wonder why it did that? Those are…’

‘Muggle Playing Cards. Right?’

‘Yea. But how did you know?’

‘Um… it’s not the first time I have seen them. Those are the one thing that my father actually likes about Muggles. But there is only one game I know how to play and that’s only because I looked up the game on the internet.’

‘Well, I don’t know any games so the room must have responded to you. What’s the name of the game.’

‘Um… it doesn’t matter we should get going.’ The only game he knew how to play was strip poker. He kept his head turned away because he knew that his face must be even redder by now. He figured Harry would think he was sick and he didn’t want Harry to get concerned over nothing.

‘Come. I’ve been working all morning it would be nice to play a game with a friend.’

‘No, we should go.’ Draco got up and started for the door. Harry caught a glimpse of his face.

‘Oh my god are you flushed we need to take you to the infirmary right now. I knew Madam Pomfrey had let you out to soon.’

‘I’m fin…’

‘Don’t argue with me.’ Harry said as he grabbed Draco’s arm and dragged him down to the fourth floor infirmary.



‘I don’t know what’s wrong with him because he doesn’t have a temperature, his blood pressure is normal, everything is fine.’

‘Sorry to bother Madam Pomfrey. I know you are busy but Potter insisted that I come be checked out even though I said I was fine.’

‘If everything was fine then why were you so flushed?’

‘I might have an answer to that.’ Madam Pomfrey interrupted. ‘Draco when was the last time you slept? I know you didn’t sleep last night.’

‘Um… since the night before last.’

‘Well that’s it then. You are over tired. Either you can find an empty bed here or you can go back to your dorm. You pick.’

‘I’ll go to my dorm right now.’

‘And I’ll make sure he goes.’ Harry piped in.