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02 April 2008 @ 07:09 pm
Skipping/ More story  
   i know this is like sooo pathetic i'm 22 and this is the first time i have actually skipped a class just to skip! well anyway i am like so bored to i fugured i would just put up the other parts of the story hope peoples like it.

Name: After the War (2/8)
Author: duh! me, AnimeMandi22
Disclaimer: I don't own the names just the plot!
Summary: (suck at these) It's after the war (hence the title) and voldemort is dead. Draco saves Harry's life and almost gets killed in the process. their relationship evolves from there. 
A/N: please excuse any spelling or Grammar. i suck at that

Chapter 2

 Room of Requirements


Draco’s head slumped on to Harry’s chest. Not sure about what just happened Harry looked down at him and noticed that he was asleep. Harry sighed and thought that Draco must have just been exhausted and delusional. He carefully laid him down and finished buttoning the shirt. He covered him then grabbed the extra blanket on the foot of his bed and covered him with that too. Harry climbed back into his own bed and laid down.


It had been a week since the battle. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were sitting the Great Hall eating lunch. Ron and Hermione had volunteered to help Lupin and Tonks finish cleaning up the grounds so they ate in a hurry and left Harry alone at the Gryffindor table. Someone walked up behind him, casting a shadow over him and the table.

‘Potter?’ the person said quietly.  It was Draco Malfoy

‘What‘s up?’

‘I know this is the Gryffindor table but I was wondering…’ He paused as if unsure if he wanted to go on. ‘I was wondering if I could sit with you.’ he finished in a hurry.

Harry sat there looking up at him astonished. Harry wasn’t sure if he had heard him correctly. They hadn’t spoken since Draco had kissed him. He wasn’t even sure if Malfoy remembered it and didn’t want to feel like a fool by asking.

‘Yea, it’s fine. No one is sitting according to house anymore.’

‘I just didn’t know if I would be welcome because… well you know.’

‘It’s okay Malfoy, sit and eat.’ this shy demeanor was unlike Malfoy. Harry couldn’t be sure if he liked the new Malfoy or not.


Malfoy grabbed a plate and placed some food on it. He wasn’t sure what to say to Harry. Should he apologize for what happened in the infirmary? He could brush it off as a mistake because of the pain he had been in. But… it hadn’t been a mistake. Not at the time. His whole body had wanted to kiss him, then he’d passed out. When he’d woken up Harry was gone and Madam Pomfrey said she had released him. Harry hadn’t been back to visit him and Madam Pomfrey had only let him out of the infirmary that morning. He went looking for Potter but Penelope had said he, Mad-eye Moody, and Percy had gone to the Diagon Ally to get something for Professor McGonagall. When Collin had said they were back he’d gone straight to the Great Hall to find him. Standing behind him, he had realized he didn’t know what he wanted to say.

Harry finished his lunch and stood. ‘I’m off. I need to get back to the dorm.’

Malfoy watched him round the corner towards the stair cases before jumping up and following him. Malfoy saw him enter the Seventh Floor Corridor. He quickly ascended the stairs. When he entered the hallway Harry was just about to turn the corner towards Gryffindor common room.

‘Potter! Wait up a sec.’

‘Huh? Oh Malfoy. What do you want?’

‘I…um…’ suddenly there was a loud, earsplitting noise that sounded like heavy rock grinding against one another. Harry and Draco hurried around the corner to where the sound was coming from. To their disbelief the Room of Requirements was repairing itself before their eyes. It wasn’t an essential part of Hogwarts so they hadn’t fixed it yet. ‘What is going on?’

‘Hum… I don’t know. I didn’t know that could do it on it’s own.’

‘I wonder if it is repairing itself because it is Required for something?’

‘Huh? What do you mean?’

‘Well, it’s purpose is to be available if someone needs it, correct?’


‘Okay, but if it’s destroyed then it can’t be used.’


‘So, if it is needed for some reason then it would have to be fixed first.’

‘Okay that makes sense but why now? There isn’t anyone but you and I around and we don’t need it for anything.’

‘That I don’t kn…’

‘Shh. I hear something.’ Harry whispered.


‘Collin? Do you know what’s up with Harry lately? He’s been awful quite the last week.” Harry knew that voice. It was Ginny. For some reason he didn’t want Ginny to see him and Malfoy together.

‘We have to hide. Now!’ Harry said as he grabbed Malfoy’s arm, looking around for someplace out of sight. Suddenly a door appeared in the wall behind them. Maybe that’s why the Room of Requirements fixed itself. It knew he was going to want someplace to hide. After dragging Malfoy into the room he shut and locked the door.

Ginny and Collin rounded the corner just after the door disappeared. “Hey! Look the wall has been fixed. Must been the clean up is going faster then planed.’

‘What do you mean?’ Collin asked.

‘This wall was one of the last on the list to be fixed because it’s just the wall to the Room of Requirements and not that important right now. Anyway lets go see if Harry is in the dorm.’